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Travel Blog Dominik Stein


About me

I first discovered travelling at the age of 22. Starting with city trips for university applications, continued by Europe-wide road trips with friends and to stays of several months in Asia. I would like to thank my former girlfriend at that time, who showed me a completely different view of this world with her wanderlust.

Professionally I work as a search engine optimizer in Berlin. And since our work is not dependent on the location, I use this opportunity to travel a little longer once a year. The pitfalls of location-independent work will be discussed in this blog as well.

Food & Travelling brings people together

The ability to associate an experience with a certain emotion is one of the most beautiful abilities that we humans have been given. Think back to your last trip. What’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it the golden sunset on the horizon? The comfort of knowing your body is getting the rest it deserves? Or simply to be yourself?

I love all of these emotions, but none makes my heart beat faster than walking through the streets, seeing street food and to try new food. I would like to share all these trips and tips I’ve experienced on gourmetravel.de with you. So that you always know where to find the best food!