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Attractions in and around Munich

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The Bavarian capital Munich is a city of over a million inhabitants. In between a green oasis, and consciousness for old traditions. All in all, there is something for young and old to experience and see in Munich. Especially travelers with little time to spend should enjoy the city to the fullest. To help you with that, we summarized some of the best sights.

The heart of Munich is the Marienplatz

Marienplatz Munich

“Marienplatz” is located in the city center and in the middle of Munich’s shopping arcade, from where you can stroll and shop as you please. Not least because of its position, the Marienplatz is therefore to be called the heart of Munich.

The city hall with its famous carillon can be admired from the Marienplatz every full hour. In addition, the “Mariensäule” and the “Fischbrunnen” are in the immediate vicinity and can be used as ideal meeting places in the hustle and bustle of the city.

The Church “Frauenkirche” in Munich

The Frauenkirche, which owes its name to the Virgin Mary, is not only one of Munich’s landmarks but is also a Gothic cathedral and city parish church from the 15th century, which also served as a resting place for emperors.

Those who want to get a nice view of the city of Munich should dare to climb one of the two famous towers of the Frauenkirche. The panorama is not only limited to Munich but reaches up to the Alps. In 2004, a citizen’s decision was made that no higher building could be built than the Frauenkirche in order not to restrict the unique view to the surrounding area.

A journey back to the Bavarian monarchy – Nymphenburg Palace

 Nymphenburg Munich

Nymphenburg Palace was for a long time the summer residence of the Wittelsbach noble family and attracts visitors from all over the world because of its stunning palace park and pleasure palaces. Today Nymphenburg Palace is one of the great royal castles in Europe.

The “German Museum” offers a fascinating insight into technology and natural science

“Deutsches Museum” is the largest scientific and technical museum in the world. Through artificial lightning, a long mining gallery and other illustrative material, the Deutsches Museum not only offers many incentives for young visitors, but also interesting facts for experts and learners. The German Museum presents around 50 subject areas and 30,000 exhibits.

A Maß Beer may not be missed in Munich – The Hofbräuhaus invites you to drink

Hofbräuhaus Munich

At Munich’s Hofbräuhaus, the Bavarian tradition is not only preserved by a good beer – served by waiters in traditional costume, but also by the hearty regional cuisine. Furthermore, the Munich Hofbräuhaus offers space for folk dances and invites you to get together in a cozy atmosphere.

The Munich way of living in the English Garden

The English Garden is rightly called the green lung of Munich. It stretches over five kilometers, invites you to take long walks at any time of the year, and is home to the Eisbach, several beer gardens, including the Chinese Tower, and the famous Seehaus.

English Garden Munich

The English Garden is ideal for recreational sportsmen and women to get physically exhausted. 78 kilometers of paths offer training space for joggers and cyclists. But footballers can also play football on the football fields and surfers can demonstrate their skills in the Eisbach in front of curious spectators.

The home of FC Bayern – The Allianz Arena

The Allianz Arena is not only a real eye-catcher from the outside, as its air-cushion façade takes on the appearance of a UFO. But the Allianz Arena is also a real high-tech wonder, illuminating its façade in blue, red, and possibly white, depending on the game.

Allianz Arena Munich

The Allianz Arena is the largest football stadium in Munich and has a maximum capacity of 75,000 seats. Its tiers are so impressively arranged that you have a perfect view from everywhere.

The Olympiapark is home to some of the most important buildings in Munich

The XX. Olympic Summer Games in 1972 were held in Munich’s Olympic Park. Sports events, but also concerts and festivals are still held here. In addition, the Munich Olympic Park is famous for its tent roof construction, which consists of a 74,800 square meter Plexiglas surface supported by 58 steel poles.

Olympia-Park Munich

Munich – A city for all tastes

Whether you are interested in culture, love nature, or want to admire a city from special vantage points, Munich offers something for everyone.

But last but not least, the surrounding area of Munich also has a lot to offer: The Bavaria Filmstadt is one of the largest film studios in Europe. But also the city of Dachau, which is located 25 kilometers from Munich, is a central European place of learning and remembrance with its concentration camp memorial.

Especially in the winter months, especially ski fans and snowboarders are attracted to Munich, as its proximity to the Alps makes it ideal for these sports. Many ski resorts can, therefore, be located in the surrounding area of Munich.